• Zanlink

    Getting it right

Our People

Zanlink truly believes that one of the most important factors in its continued success is its highly skilled and motivated workforce which has propelled Zanlink to become the leading ISP in Zanzibar. Our people are the force behind Zanlink’s distinctive edge and the ability to provide an excellent customer service.

Zanlink recognizes the importance of staff training and capacity building in order to cope with the ever changing demands of the IT and our customers and has ongoing development and training programs in place. Our staff team has undergone some rigorous training courses in customer care, middle level management and various high level technical courses to ensure that we possess the right skills and attitude to compete in the Market. We have therefore managed to build a high performing and winning team that is passionate about delivering excellent customer service at all times. Our people have made team work and dedication to work their culture and these aspects are embedded in all activities that they carry out.

Our operations team comprises of 5 main Heads of departments supported by their team members manning our Administration, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support and Network Engineering departments.

The top management and executive directors’ team consist of the Managing Director and Director of Network Operations who steer the Company in the right direction and provide the growth and diversity that a healthy business must possess.

The non executive Board Directors on the other hand ensure the company serves the interests of shareowners with the highest standards of integrity and compliance. Serving equally as tough critics and wise counselors, they provide in-depth oversight of the major strategic issues of the company.