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How to get Zanlink services

Zanlink services are available both in Zanzibar and Pemba in all districts and at various strategic areas through our vast Network Infrastructure.

In order to connect to Zanlink broadband or other connectivity services, clients require first connecting to Zanlink’s Network and then selecting the appropriate broadband or data plans to suite their requirements. There will be one time Installation/set up fees followed by monthly access fees.

Clients in Zanzibar Stone Town can connect through our extensive Fiber Optical backbone with points of presence (PoPs) in almost all places. We shall connect the client through an ethernet cable from the PoP nearest to their premises. The whole process takes only few hours before the client is online.

Clients residing outside the Zanzibar Stone Town can connect through our microwave network. We install CPE (Clients premises Equipment) to their premises using technologies ranging from Motorola canopy, Nano bridges and our latest – WiMax. The CPE communicates to our nearest repeater to establish connectivity to offer various convergent services. The whole exercise takes between 1 – 2 days before the client is online.

The followings are simple steps for obtaining our services:

  • Contact Zanlink office to request for broadband services.
  • Our sales consultants will discuss with you the best service plan and solution to suite your requirements.
  • A survey will be arranged to establish the best method of connection (Fiber or microwave).
  • Once you sign the service contract and make payments, installation is arranged to connect you to our services.
  • You are live with fast, reliable and stable services.

For other services such as hosting of domain names and website space, or LAN installation, our sales consultants will advice you properly.