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Large Enterprise and Corporate Solutions

For large Enterprises and public organizations we offer unlimited broadband plans that feature high speed, unlimited usage, reliable and with various symmetrical upload and download speeds. These plans come in various broadband speeds ranging from 512kbps onwards.


Broadband Speeds

  • Dedicated bandwidth speeds in various upload and download magnitudes
  • 1:1 contention ration (Not shared by anyone)
  • Guaranteed bandwidth with CIR
  • 'Burst' available at off peak hours
  • Always on with 24/7/365 availability
  • Provided with bandwidth graph to monitor your usage

Data Limit

  • Unlimited - no data cap

E mail accounts

  • 10 e mail account
  • 100MGB Storage capacity
  • Web mail enabled (with global access from anywhere)
  • Pop3 IMAP4 and SMTP forwarding
  • Spam filtering facilities and antivirus protection mail server

Domain Name

  • 1 domain name of your choice
  • Own domain management facilities
  • 20 e mail accounts with 100MGB Storage capacity per account

Web Hosting Space

  • 150 MB of web space to host your own website
  • Own website management facilities through our FTP control
  • Always available on 24/7/365

IP addresses

  • 1 static IP address
  • Up to 5 public IP address (upon request)

Customer Support

  • FREE Telephone technical support available both during working hours and public holidays
  • FREE e mail technical support available both during working hours and public holidays
  • FREE onsite technical support available (unless problems is on clients side where standard fees will be applicable
  • Enhanced care and fast track support available
  • Regular follow up on your service
  • Dedicated corporate Account Manager assigned to take care of your account.