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4G WiMax Network in Zanzibar

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Zanlink has started deploying the first ever 4G WiMAX Network in Zanzibar based on the 3.5GHZ licensed frequency spectrum. This means that our customers can now enjoy highly reliable, interference free and stable connectivity over this platform. Realizing the massive potential and benefits that the 4G WiMax technology can offer, we have invested heavily on this technology and are deploying it across the Island.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Improved Quality of Service (QoS): The improved Quality of Service built into the WiMAX technology platform will enable Zanlink to offer features designed for use by commercial enterprises.
  • Interoperability Advantage: WiMAX represents a shift in strategy for designing and operating wireless broadband data networks. WiMAX compliant devices from different device manufacturers will be able to operate on the same network. This increases the viability and decreases the risk with deploying wireless broadband networks.
  • Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Service: The wireless connectivity over the WiMAX platform is not affected by the weather conditions and does not need direct line-of sight in order to work.
  • Licensed Frequency Spectrum: The Zanlink WiMAX platform is deployed over 3.5GHZ licensed frequencies thus enabling customers to enjoy interference free service at all times.
  • Coverage and Range: WiMAX is capable of providing much wider coverage and greater range than other wireless which means that more customers can be connected to the network with a lower cost.
  • Applications: WiMAX enables an increased number of applications for consumers and businesses because of its Quality of Service, range of service, and throughput improvements. Applications include the delivery of data, VoIP and streaming video.