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Zanlink participates in Busara Festival

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Zanlink participated in one of the biggest Music Festivals in Zanzibar organized by Busara Promotions. The festival aims to bring together people from different parts of East Africa and beyond to celebrate music. This is a platform for musicians from East Africa to interchange ideas and music with other musicians from other parts of the world.

Zanlink is a proud sponsor of Busara and have been supporting them through providing them with Internet and hosting services for years. Apart from the main festival Zanlink also participated in the Santuri Safari project which ran parallel to the festival for 3 days and focused on the innovative role of DJs in promoting and sharing music in East Africa. The event was live streamed using Zanlink's high speed bandwidth connections to enable people around the world to view.

Zanlink also partnered up with Sustainable East Africa - an environmental NGO based in Zanzibar in the recycling activities during the festival.

Zanlink live streaming Santuri Safari during Busara

News & Events