Fiber Optic Network

Fiber technology has the ability to carry more information and deliver it with greater fidelity than either copper wire or coaxial cable or any wireless equipment. It also supports much higher data rates, and at greater distances, and provides unlimited bandwidth capacity. It is also easily upgradable without the need for any additional equipment.

Zanlink has rolled out an Optic fiber Network based on the Gigabit Passive Optic Network (GPON) technology platform that delivers Fiber to the premises (FTTP) connectivity directly to our clients offering super-fast convergent connectivity solutions. Our fiber Backbone consists of more than 100 main Point of Presence (PoPs) that gives it the capability of transporting IP traffic from every hook and corner of the island assuring a very fast, reliable and stable connection at improved prices. The fiber ring currently caters for more than 1,000 clients providing them with broadband and various connectivity solutions.