Managed Connectivity

If you are looking at connecting your branch offices to your Corporate Head office; whether within Zanzibar, Tanzania, or internationally then Zanlink’s managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions are the answer to this.

This is possible now without having to heavily invest into your own expensive VPN solutions. All you need to do is to simply piggyback on Zanlink’s extensive Network. Zanlink will manage the network and let you focus on your core business.

Zanlink Network infrastructure; built over state of the art fiber optical and Microwave platforms with backhaul links connecting various repeaters spans over various strategic areas in Zanzibar. Furthermore, Zanlink has recently set up a PoP in Dar es Salaam and has partnered with other global operators based in the region. This makes it possible for offices with branches in Zanzibar, the Mainland as well as other parts of the world to seamlessly connect to each other and share resources as if they are in the same Network. Zanlink can thus cater for both their own clients and partner organizations equally and help them to enhance their reach globally.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Single point of contact, broader geographical reach. Zanlink can connect your organizations Networks/branches either within Zanzibar, between Zanzibar and the Mainland or between Zanzibar and Internationally.
  • No need to own or manage your own Network and thus lower CAPEX and OPEX. Zanlink does this for you!
  • Multiple Network access technology including fiber optical backbone as well as Microwave solution.
  • Flexible, scalable solution that can be configured using a range of technologies and protocols including IPSec VPN, or Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLAS).
  • Guaranteed local and International bandwidth in different capacities.

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