Our History

The story of Zanlink is an exciting blend of dreams, idealism, youth, achievements and wanting to make difference...

Zanlink was founded in 2000 as a small dial up ISP by a small group of young and enthusiastic professionals who had set out to make a difference by bridging the gap caused by the “digital divide” between Zanzibar and the rest of the world.

Soon after it was established, Zanlink found itself embarking on an amazing journey that saw it attain rapid growth, expansion, numerous rewards, milestones and most significantly - win customers’ hearts along the way. There was no turning back and the rest became history.

Within the first 2 years of its establishment, Zanlink became the first ISP in Zanzibar to establish a Metro based Fiber Optical backbone to provide a vast coverage, cheaper and faster connectivity to clients based in the Stone town and the outskirts. Within the next few years Zanlink became the first ISP in Zanzibar to connect to the SEACOM International submarine fiber to bring the fastest broadband to Zanzibar and built the first 4G WiMAX network. A year later, Zanlink started rolling out island wide Fiber Optic network based on the GPON platform to start offering super-fast “Fiber to the Door” solution to clients.

In early 2017, Zanlink embarked on yet a new journey. It became part of the Liquid Intelligent Technologies Group which is the leading data, voice and IP provider in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. It supplies Fiber optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa's largest mobile network operators, ISPs and businesses of all sizes. Our strategic move to partner with Liquid Intelligent Technologies means that Zanlink can now expand and grow exponentially within Zanzibar but also in other parts of Tanzania and beyond.