Cloud Storage

Businesses must not overlook the substantial opportunities presented by cloud-based services, which are revolutionizing global IT strategies and business models. Zanlink gains a strategic advantage by offering cloud storage services in collaboration with global giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and others through our partnership with Liquid Intelligent Technologies.

Additionally, we possess an in-country Microsoft Azure Stack, affording us the following benefits:

Flexibility: Zanlink provides an elastic cloud model, empowering our customers to scale their resources rapidly and seamlessly as needed.

Reliability: We ensure the utmost reliability through direct connectivity to the cloud on our highly resilient, meshed network.

Security: Zanlink maintains a secure network infrastructure and dedicated connections to the cloud, guaranteeing the continuous protection of your data.

Compliance: Azure Stack offers the capability to retain sensitive data on-premises or within specific geographic locations while still harnessing Azure services, a crucial feature for organizations adhering to regulatory and compliance standards.

Edge Computing: Azure Stack is exceptionally well-suited for edge computing scenarios. It facilitates low-latency data processing and real-time decision-making in remote or dispersed environments, making it an ideal solution for organizations with edge computing needs.