Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Zanlink firmly believes that businesses have to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner that benefits their communities and the environment.

The fact that Zanlink provides Internet service to various segments of the community, positions us as a facilitator of socio – economic development of Zanzibar and place it at the world stage in globalization process through a better-informed society that is empowered by IT. We realize however that most people in Zanzibar cannot afford to be online. Zanlink is committed to helping more and more people harness the power of the internet. We're focused on empowering the 'digitally excluded’ and improving the communities in which we work. In line with this, we support and run a number of initiatives to help bridge the digital divide:

Support NGOs through Internet

As part of its wider Corporate Social Responsibility, Zanlink also provides support through Internet access to NGOs and other Social Organizations across Zanzibar. By providing them with this powerful tool Zanlink supports their communication needs and empowers them. Zanlink supports NGOs working in sectors ranging from Music and Films, Education, Health, Environment and Sports.

Our Sustainability Drives

Besides supporting various sustainable initiatives, Zanlink also practices sustainability in its own operations. We have taken several initiatives in reducing our impact on the environment, mostly by leveraging the IT to our business processes. Zanlink strives to become a paperless office. Thus, all reports, memos, e mails, are shared online rather than printed During meetings documents are not printed but rather projected using multimedia facilities. We insist on best practices such as double-sided printing, encouraging electronic documentation of files as posed to paper documentation, sending electronic Invoices rather than paper Invoices, usage of online management information system (MIS) etc. This reduces paper usage, hence reduction in our carbon footprint.

These drives help Zanlink to reduce its operations cost through deploying sustainable solutions in its supply chain to help it become 'leaner' and more efficient.

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