Zanlink Hotspots

Zanlink's 'Wi-Fi Hotspots' are high speed wireless Internet zones available at strategic places in Zanzibar Town as well as the outskirts. The hot spots are FREE and allow users to enjoy our high-speed Internet broadband. The Wi-Fi Hotspots are currently available at the following locations:

  • The Zanzibar Airport terminal – Kiembesamaki Airport
  • The Sea Port terminal - Stone Town
  • The Forodhani Gardens - Stone Town
  • The Jamhuri Gardens - Stone Town
  • The Mapinduzi Tower – Michenzani area
  • The Kariakoo Grounds – Kariakoo area
  • The La Taverna Restaurant – Stone Town
  • The Mercuries Restaurant – Stone Town
  • The Taperia (Post) Restaurant – Stone Town
  • The Traveler’s café – Stone town
  • The Rock Restaurant – East Coast
  • Bistro Del Ma

So, whether you are waiting to board a flight or boat, enjoying a meal or relaxing in a garden, Zanlink 'keeps you connected' to the world through our hotspots.

Find your nearest Zanlink SPOTS below!